Fitness livestreamer teaches in down jacket to avoid censorship
Published: Apr 11, 2022 09:57 PM Updated: Apr 12, 2022 06:20 PM
Screenshot of website

Screenshot of website

With the popularity of livestreaming platforms, there has been a strict crackdown on livestreamers who may be involved in fraud or pornography. But sometimes, the strict censorship may bring funny stories. Recently, Liu Genghong, a popular singer and composer, was misjudged as "sideswipe" and was banned from a livestreaming platform because he wore a tight top which made his chest muscles look like a woman's breasts.

According to Liu, he and his wife were wearing a white tight top with orange pants to teach netizens how to exercise at home and keep in shape on April 6. Unexpectedly, only halfway through the live broadcast, Liu's live broadcast was suddenly closed by the platform, leaving netizens who were watching confused. The next day, Liu appeared again on the livestreaming wearing a down jacket.

"It was so hot inside! But we couldn't find the reason, so we assumed it was because of the clothing, so my wife and I put on down jackets and covered ourselves up. It was funny," Liu explained on Sunday. Netizens were amused by his outfit. "At the very least, this shows that pornography censorship on livestreaming platforms is becoming more stringent," One netizen commented.

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