Firemen give a boy a math lesson to save his life
Published: Apr 20, 2022 04:29 PM
The fireman teaching the boy math.Screenshot of Toutiao News

The firemen teaching the boy math.Screenshot of Toutiao News

Math problems can become puzzles to many students. However, sometimes math problems can save lives. Recently, a girl in Sanming, East China's Fujian Province, called the police to report that her brother and mother had quarreled so seriously that her brother was about to commit suicide. When the firefighters arrived, the boy had been rescued by the mother and was sobbing alone in the living room.

After learning about the situation, the firemen comforted the boy with patience and persuaded him not to attempt something so dangerous again in the future. To everyone's surprise, the boy took out his math homework and asked the fireman for help with his homework and promised to give up committing suicide again. The official account of the fire station published the video online and many netizens were impressed by fireman's kindness and patience. "Now firefighters not only have to put out fires, but also learn some math problems, which is really an all-round development," one netizen joked. 

In addition to praising the omnipotence of firefighters, many netizens also said that the psychological problems of primary school students need to be paid attention to. "If such a small child has the idea of committing suicide, it implies that psychological counseling and education are very important," another netizen warned.