Boys’ group INTO1 showcases vigor of Chinese culture
Published: Apr 24, 2022 06:54 PM
Live performance of INTO1's album

Live performance of INTO1's album "Wonderland" Photos: Courtesy of WAJIJIWA Entertainment

The international boys' group INTO1 has become a success in promoting Chinese culture and music to the outside world.

It has been only one year since the 11 members of the group become famous through a show hosted by Tencent Video as a new group "INTO1", which was released on the same-named single INTO1 on April 24, 2021. 

Different from previous boy groups that had only overseas members, half of "INTO1" members come from different regions with different cultural backgrounds. There are no previous experiences that they can learn. 

However, in the past year, they succeed in making it happen with all the group members to explore China's traditional culture, bringing it to life on the stage. They see the local culture as their roots as well as integrating the excellent contents from overseas culture. 

Photo: Courtesy of WAJIJIWA Entertainment

Photo: Courtesy of WAJIJIWA Entertainment

In terms of music achievement, they released the album "The Storm Center". What's more, they also wrote "INTO THE FIRE" for 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo and participated in the outstanding music work "Fighting Together" for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Photo: Courtesy of WAJIJIWA Entertainment

Photo: Courtesy of WAJIJIWA Entertainment

Acting as a team, all the group members are working hard and making full use of teamwork to catch up with their studies. 

At the same time, they have been working to promote Chinese traditional culture and heritage like the Sanxingdui Ruins as well as other intangible heritages with the aim to introduce them to the outside world. 

They released a song to promote Sanxingdui Ruins in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, where hundreds of new cultural relics were unearthed in April, 2021 and were listed as one of the top 10 archaeology discoveries in 2021. 

The value of INTO1 is not only just as the boys' group, but also a healthy exploration in culture industry to display the character of the Chinese people: inclusiveness, understanding and being open to the outside world, as well as willing to make friends with the whole world. The group's activities have been widely reported by the media in Thailand, Vietnam, the US and Japan through social media platforms like Twitter. 

Gaining traction on Twitter and Sina Weibo, INTO1 is increasingly becoming a broadcaster of the Chinese culture, reaching to broader audiences and is now an icon of the spirit of young people.