Mutual respect serves the political foundations for China-Australia cooperation: ambassador
Published: May 12, 2022 02:00 PM Updated: May 12, 2022 01:56 PM
The Chinese Embassy is seen in Honiara, Solomon Islands, on April 2, 2022. Photo: VCG
The Chinese Embassy is seen in Honiara, Solomon Islands, on April 2, 2022. Photo: VCG

Cooperation between China and South Pacific island countries is conducive to people’s well-being of both sides and regional prosperity and stability, and will by no means threaten Australia’s security, said Xiao Qian, Chinese Ambassador to Australia.

“Differences in political systems should not be an obstacle to the development of friendly relations between China and Australia… China and Australia can absolutely get along with each other harmoniously. There is no need to negate one another because of different political systems, still less divide the world into different camps, create schism and incite confrontation, which in itself is undemocratic,” Xiao said in a signed article published in the Australian Financial Review on Thursday.

“We expect the Australian side to view China and China’s policies in an objective and rational light, act in the interests of Australia and its people, adopt a positive policy toward China, and work with China in the same direction with mutual respect as the political foundation, so as to push China-Australia relations back on the right track at an early date,” the ambassador said.

The remarks followed the blue economy cooperation pact between China and the Solomon Islands which the US and Australia picked as a new target to hype the “China threat” theory.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Chinese Embassy in the Solomon Islands said that China has market, capital and technology advantages, and the Solomon Islands is rich in agriculture, forestry, fishery and tourism resources. The two economies are highly complementary and have great potential for cooperation.
China is willing to share its experience with the Solomon Islands to help the country enhance an independent and sustainable development, the embassy spokesperson said.

The Solomon Islands’ Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet highlighted in the statement that the beneficiaries of the blue economy pact will be Solomon Islanders and anyone who opposes it is an obstacle to the economic development and welfare of the people.

Previously in April, China and the Solomon Islands signed a security agreement, which Australia and the US reacted hysterically, expressing concerns about the lack of transparency with the agreement, even mentioning its potential to undermine regional stability.

In response to such groundless accusations, Wang Wenbin, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China and Solomon Islands conduct security cooperation on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, openness and transparency, to help the Solomon Islands maintain social order, address natural disasters and carry out humanitarian aid.

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