Xi praises new HK chief John Lee for his patriotism, conveys central govt's trust in meeting in Beijing
Published: May 30, 2022 05:46 PM
John Lee Ka-chiu Photo: CFP

John Lee Ka-chiu Photo: CFP

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with John Lee Ka-chiu on Monday afternoon and congratulated him on his election as the new Hong Kong Special Administrative Region chief executive. 

In his meeting with Lee, Xi praised Lee for his patriotism, love for Hong Kong, and daring to take responsibility, and said the central government fully acknowledges his contributions and trusts him.

Xi also pointed out that Hong Kong's new electoral system has played a decisive role in ensuring patriots governing Hong Kong, guaranteeing the local residents can exercise their rights and be their own masters, and pushing all sectors of the society to work together to forge a good atmosphere for Hong Kong.  

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, and the success of one country, two systems principle is universally recognized, Xi said, noting that the central government's determination to implement "one country, two systems" has never wavered, still less will it change.

Experts in both the mainland and Hong Kong consider the central government's affirmation of Lee as a major requirement for Hong Kong officials - patriots with the firm stance who take action in advancing reforms to fix deeply-rooted problems that Hong Kong society has been facing over the past decades and in bringing the city into a new future.

As 2022 also marks the 25th anniversary of the city's return to the motherland, the message delivered by the central government is clear. The "one country, two systems" principle won't change as Xi fully recognized its practice over the past 25 years, and he also indicated a new direction for the future as the city is changing from chaos to being well governed and prosperous, experts noted. 

Lee Ka-chiu has been appointed as the sixth chief executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) by Premier Li Keqiang, who presented the China's State Council decree to Lee on Monday in Beijing, according to Xinhua.

Premier Li congratulated Lee for being elected, saying that the central government will, as always, fully implement the principle of "one country, two systems," with patriots governing Hong Kong and enjoying a high degree of autonomy.

The central government will support the new chief executive and HKSAR government in governing the region in accordance with the law, developing the economy and improving people's well-fare, paying full attention to the needs of the country and to Hong Kong's strengths, better integrating HKSAR into the country's overall development, and maintaining long-term prosperity and stability in the city, Premier Li stated.

Li said he believes and expects that the new HKSAR government will rally people from all walks of life in Hong Kong, to actively respond to social concerns, continuously improve governance efficiency and consolidate and enhance Hong Kong's status as a center of international finance, trade and shipping.

China supports the development of an international science and technology innovation center, and Hong Kong needs to continue fighting the pandemic, in order to improve people's livelihood, said Li.

Lee said he is honored to be appointed as the HKSAR Chief Executive by the State Council decree, and he is determined to do his utmost to live up to the trust of the central government and the expectations of the Hong Kong residents.

During the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, Lee said he was deeply aware of the great responsibility he shoulders, and that he will lead the SAR government loyally and firmly to fully and accurately implement the "one country, two systems" principle, governing Hong Kong in accordance with the Basic Law.

The appointment ceremony was presided by Vice Premier Han Zheng, and also attended by State Councilor Xiao Jie, Director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office Xia Baolong, said the report.

Lee began his visit to Beijing on May 28 and is scheduled to return to Hong Kong on May 31. The whole trip was managed in a closed loop, according to media reports.

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