Brave little heroes ‘save’ Ultraman performer from vicious monster
Published: Jun 06, 2022 04:25 PM
Brave little heroes

Brave little heroes "save" Ultraman performer.Photo: Sina Weibo

As a hero to children, Ultraman, a Japanese superhero figure, has always been the one to save the world and punish evil. Therefore, Ultraman-themed activities are becoming more and more popular with children. Recently, a shopping mall in Zhongxiang, in Central China's Hubei Province, has performed in an Ultraman show where the hero fights a "monster." However, when children saw the Ultraman was being beaten by the monster, they rushed onto the stage and "fought" against the monster.

While some were fighting, others were trying to help Ultraman who was lying on the ground and the whole scene was hilarious to witnesses. Onlookers said the children's sense of justice was so strong that there were moments of chaos. The actor playing the monster said that it was originally a performance, but they did not expect to be beaten up by so many children and he joked that the mall should pay them more as compensation.

Some parents posted videos of the scene on social media, and netizens were amused by the simplicity and enthusiasm of the children. "These children are very brave! I'm sure that they will help others in need as well when they grow up," one netizen said.