Two guys throwing a friend out of a window for a joke punished by the law
Published: Jun 08, 2022 04:24 PM
Surveillance footage of the incident. Screenshot of The Paper

Surveillance footage of the incident. Screenshot of The Paper

Sometimes, joking between friends can get out of hand. On Tuesday, the High People's Court of Hunan Province released details of a special case. In March, two men threw a friend off a balcony as a joke at a resort, but the railing of the balcony suddenly broke and the injured party is now determined as having a grade-10 disability. 

The court ruled that both men and the resort were liable for the plaintiff's damages. Two boys should each bear 30 percent of the responsibility and damage, and the resort 20 percent, respectively.

The trio were reportedly chatting on the balcony of a guest room at a resort. They then joked about throwing one friend off the balcony, to which one of them responded: "Throw me off if you dare," while sitting nearby the balcony.

Then the other two carried him on his chair to the balcony guardrail and pretended to throw him down, but the guardrail was broken by the impact. 

"This shows that we should always make friends with sensible people," one netizen said.