Huawei eyes digital, intelligent future despite US ban
Published: Jun 15, 2022 11:52 PM
Huawei partners and developers conference. Photo: Courtesy of Huawei

Huawei partners and developers conference. Photo: Courtesy of Huawei

Chinese tech giant Huawei is eyeing a digital and intelligent future, despite the difficulties brought by the US clampdown three years ago. The company has seen fruitful achievements with its self-developed digital technology ecosystems, including Kunpeng and Ascend, as well as the openEuler operating system.

At its partners and developers conference 2022 held on Wednesday, the company noted that currently, Kunpeng and Ascend have more than 4,500 partners and 2 million developers.

The openEuler community has brought together more than 340 global enterprises, covering chips and components as well as independent software vendors (ISVs) and other industry chain members. More than 1,500 cities in over 120 countries have downloaded it 540,000 times.

At present, the total installed base of the openEuler system has exceeded 1.7 million sets, with a new market share of 19 percent, which is expected to reach 25 percent by the end of the year.

During the conference, nine partners officially released the commercial edition of the operating system based on openEuler 22.03 LTS, applying the community's innovations to thousands of industries.

The company has also launched the “China Computing NET (C²NET),” into which all supercomputing centers and national-data center clusters can be integrated in the future to form a unified arithmetic market that supports the development of the national digital economy.

Huawei launched the China Computing NET. Photo: Courtesy of Huawei

Huawei launched the "China Computing NET". Photo: Courtesy of Huawei

This year, Huawei will also work with partners to jointly establish industrial alliances for AI fluid dynamics, AI biomedicine and smart breeding to help the development of large model innovation and industrialization in related fields.

In the next three years, Huawei plans to develop 10,000 partners and 6 million developers and train 3 million university students to join Kunpeng and Ascend, comprehensively accelerating the country’s computing industry development.