Russia continues to slash gas supply to Europe
Published: Jun 16, 2022 07:53 AM
Russian gas giant Gazprom announced on Wednesday that it will shut down another turbine engine on the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline, thus significantly reducing the amount of gas delivery to Europe.

As Germany's Siemens, the manufacturer of the gas turbine engines, failed to provide the overhaul service in time, Gazprom decided to stop the second engine at the Portovaya compressor station due to its technical condition, the company said on Telegram.

The daily output of the Portovaya compressor station from 1:30 a.m. Thursday Moscow Time (2230 GMT Wednesday) will be no more than 67 million cubic meters, sharply down from 100 million, Gazprom said.

Citing the same reason, Gazprom said on Tuesday that the amount of gas supply via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline would be cut from 167 million cubic meters per day to 100 million.

Completed in 2011, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline connects Vyborg City in northwestern Russia and Germany via the Baltic seabed. To relax its overload, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was finished in 2021 but has been halted since Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine in February.