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Published: Jun 21, 2022 06:57 PM
In My Roon show Photo:Courtesy of Yi Ming

In My Room show Photo:Courtesy of Yi Ming

In My Room
- Art exhibition

This newly launched art exhibition in Beijing is dedicated to emerging Japanese artist Suspense Girl, who produces paintings and three-dimensional artworks to show her rich yet imaginative inner world.

This mini solo exhibition will present a total of 23 paintings from this Japanese creator as well as her trendy and funky looking sculptures. 

The exhibition is divided into three sections - Crazy Kiriko, Mofuret-dimreensur and TIME - that show how the creator merges her thoughts on the opposing concepts of "reality and the imagined" and "excitement and silence" in a single canvas. 

The Japanese artist hopes her work can encourage Chinese audiences, especially women, to stand by their true selves and find inner confidence and beauty.

The show is hosted by the BB Art Space in Xicheng's The New commercial center, a trendy commercial unit popular among young consumers in the city.  

Where: BB Art Space, Beijing 

When: Until July 10, 2022 

Price: Free Entry

CASCI - Exhibition on China's aerospace culture 

This exhibition in Chengdu combines technology and art together to show China's aerospace development in a cool way. 

The exhibition has 10 amazing exhibition halls such as "A Walk on the Moon," "Black Hole," "Launch Base," "Weightless Space," and "four-dimensional Space" that offer visitors vivid aviation experiences. 

Taking A Walk on the Moon for example, this exhibition hall encompasses a 44-meter-long 3D project that is filled with sand to mimic the moon's surface conditions. 

In the Weightless Space hall, visitors can get a taste of what astronauts experience while training for zero gravity environments.

The exhibition is all about experiences! 

The exhibition is not only suitable for children, it is also free for senior citizens over 60 and medical workers. 

Where: Jinhua Wanda Plaza, Chengdu 

When: Until July 15, 2022 

Price: From 58 yuan ($8.50) 

Lu Jiadong 2022 Solo Exhibition - Art exhibition 

Taking "Unexpected Visitor" as its theme, artist Lu Jiadong's 2022 solo exhibition in Nanjing reveals the Chinese artist's whimsical world through paintings, prints and sculptures. 

The artist explained he wants to depict the voice of his inner world - the unexpected visitor - every single time he creates an artwork. 

As he creates more works over time, this voice will become more established and help him develop his artistic journey to produce more diverse yet mature works. 

Life's unfamiliar and uncertain circumstances have always been a great source of inspiration for the artist's creativity. 

Where: XSPACE, Nanjing

When: Until August 21, 2022 

Price: Free

Velvet Road Tour - Music event

Formed in 2007 in Beijing, the band Velvet Road is an epic Chinese hard rock group that deftly merges musical melodies, the sound of guitar and vocals into a comprehensive whole.  

This music event in Chongqing is one of the stops on their national tour celebrating their 15th anniversary. While many new Chinese bands have emerged over the years that like to fuse digital sounds and classic instruments into rock music, Velvet Road sticks to rock originality, like an old pair of jeans you never get tired of. 

Where: Nut Livehouse, Chongqing

When: June 24, 2022 

Price: From 150 yuan ($22.50)