E China’s Anhui Party chief urges some local officials to rectify bureaucratic work style, not engage in vanity projects
Published: Jul 03, 2022 07:29 PM Updated: Jul 03, 2022 07:23 PM
Zheng Shanjie, Secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee
Zheng Shanjie, Secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee Source: AnhuiTV

Some local officials have problems with their work style, which is a manifestation of their flawed views and mistakes in decision-making, said Zheng Shanjie, Party chief of East China's Anhui Province, at a quarterly meeting of 16 cities on Saturday, according to media reports.

The implementation of enterprise-friendly policies has not been realized, the owners' repeated complaints about the illegal construction of residential areas have not been solved, and some officials are even buck-passing when dealing with the demands of the public, Zheng said in criticizing some officials' work style, reported.

Zheng also mentioned the example of a county in Anhui Province with a small population and low economic size where a road with 12 lanes was built for a few cars running on it, and remarked that such vanity projects are the typical embodiment of some local officials' wrong ideas and decisions, according to media reports.

Although problems and phenomena exist only in a very small number of officials, they have a negative impact on the people and society and must be paid attention to and eradicated, Zheng added.

The Party members and officials in the province should not only make achievements that the local people can benefit from, but also focus on areas such as education, medical treatment, urban underground pipeline construction and improvement of the inhabitation environment in rural areas, so as to truly benefit the local people and pave the way for future generations, Zheng was quoted as saying in the media report.

Zheng also stressed accountability, saying those officials who fail to implement the central government's decisions and work requirements and harm the public's interests should be investigated and held accountable, according to the reports.

Anhui's GDP growth rate is expected to be higher than the national average in the first half of the year, and the steady economic operations in the second quarter have been further consolidated, media reported.

The central government has launched a series of campaigns against "vanity projects" these years, with the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection publicly replying to netizens that such actions damage the property and interests of the state and the public, and will continue to intensify the fight against formalism and bureaucratism.

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