Video platform to apply for a world record for Jay Chou’s live broadcast
Published: Jul 18, 2022 04:48 PM
Jay Chou Photo: Courtesy of Tencent Music

Jay Chou Photo: Courtesy of Tencent Music

On Friday, according to a staff member of short-video platform Kuaishou Entertainment, the company will apply for a world record for the exclusive live broadcast of Chinese singer Jay Chou, because "the number of people reserving a spot for the broadcast has exceeded 6.66 million, creating a new record for the largest number of people booking a single live broadcast on the app."

Recently, Jay Chou's new album, Greatest Works of Art, has become the focus of the public. As the platform owns the only Chinese social account of Jay Chou, Kuaishou not only carried out various marketing campaigns, but also took exclusive live streaming rights this time. The staff said that the reason for choosing the number "6.66 million" is that the pronunciation "666" has a homophonic pun with "bravo" in Chinese. "At the same time, we have not seen a higher number than 6.66 million on the entire internet for reserving a live broadcast, so we are looking forward to setting a world record," the staff member said. As of now, the number of users booking the live event is continuing to increase, and the world-record application will be updated according to the final number.