General manager of knife maker Zhang Xiao Quan apologizes for inappropriate remarks after complaints
Published: Jul 19, 2022 12:58 AM
A store of Zhang Xiao Quan in Shanghai Photo: VCG
A store of Zhang Xiao Quan in Shanghai Photo: VCG

The general manager of a renowned knife manufacturer apologized on Monday for his inappropriate remarks after complaints on the knife for not being able to smash garlic.

"I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone here regarding the recent incident," Xia Qianliang, general manager of Chinese knife manufacturer, Zhang Xiao Quan, said on his Weibo account.

The knife producer was recently in the spotlight after a video was posted online by a customer in Guangzhou who bought a kitchen knife from Zhang Xiao Quan.

When the customer tried to smash garlic with the knife, the blade broke. She later complained to the customer service department saying "I have never seen such a fragile knife. Can't the knife smash garlic?" However, the company replied saying that "a kitchen knife cannot smash garlic."

The complaint has triggered a hot discussion online with netizens debating if a kitchen knife can smash garlic or not. Even Zhang Xiao Quan's rival, Wang Mazi, posted several videos on Thursday at its online flagship store to show how its knife smashes garlic again and again.

Later, some netizens even posted an interview with Xia in March this year, who said that "the way to chop you've been taught for decades is wrong. All Michelin chefs do not cut like this."

Such remarks triggered another round of discussion on the differences on cooking methods between Chinese and Western food, with some netizens blasting against those who worship and have blind faith in foreign things.

Xia said on Monday that the online video was taken long time ago and it is only one piece of the interview which can lead to great misunderstanding.

"As we all know, when Zhang Xiao Quan was founded, Michelin had not yet appeared, but I also sincerely apologize for the misguided understanding to our customers caused by my inappropriate remarks," Xia said adding that "the company found many problems in brand management, product management and after-sales support. We will not shy away and strive to develop better and more suitable products for Chinese consumers."

In this regard, the company said that if a kitchen knife purchased in China has broken accidentally in the past five years, including Zhang Xiao Quan's brand and its rivals, the company will offer a replacement under a similar value.

Established in the 17th century, Zhang Xiao Quan is best known for its high-quality scissors but their kitchen knife line is also sought after.