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Published: Aug 11, 2022 07:39 PM
Promotional material for Crazy Guibao's Sanxing Treasures Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Promotional material for Crazy Guibao's Sanxing Treasures Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Animated film 'Crazy Guibao's Sanxing Treasures' introduces Sanxingdui Culture

Currently in theaters, animated film Crazy Guibao's Sanxing Treasures has  won the hearts of many children with its story that introduces the ancient relics found at the famous Sanxingdui Ruins.  

Released on the big screen in China on July 29, the movie is based on the popular Chinese comic book Crazy Guibao, serialized by artist Gui Huazheng since 2009.

In the movie, the main character Guibao, breaks into a mysterious different dimension with his new space traveling invention. Yet, once he is in the new dimension, he accidentally makes a huge mistake with far-reaching ramifications.

To put things right, Guibao and his friends must travel to the Sanxingdui Museum to find out the true extent of the disaster he has caused. At the same time, the group unexpectedly find themselves involved in another bizarre incident involving a 1,000-year-old mystery.

Besides the Sanxingdui Ruins, the movie also explores the ancient Chinese Bashu culture.  

A mixture of adventure and sci-fi, the movie marks the first time that the world-renowned archeological site has appeared in a feature-length animation. 

The production team for the film took seven trips to Sanxingdui-related locations, including the Sanxingdui Museum and local villages in Sichuan Province, dedicating their time to exploring the history of the Sanxingdui Culture.  

The movie also features well-known relics that have stunned the world since they were first unearthed by archaeologists. Moviegoers will notice the popular Golden Mask, alien-like Bronze Human Figure and the Golden Stick.

The exploration of Sanxingdui has continued to progress over the past several years, and gained popularity, leading movies and TV series to try hard to keep up with the new trend. 

For example, the documentary Rediscover Sanxingdui, produced by Sichuan TV, tracks the excavation of the Sanxingdui Ruins, highlighting its mysterious history through 3D animation.

There are at least 10 works focusing on the ruins, including documentaries and TV dramas, currently in production. For example, films of Golden Mask and Sanxingdui are set to meet audiences in the future.

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