A primate suspect: US monkey dials 911
Published: Aug 29, 2022 05:26 PM
Recently, California cops rushed to a zoo after a 911 call, only to find it had been placed by a mischievous monkey.

Dispatchers sent officers to investigate a possible emergency after receiving a call that had disconnected.

Sheriff's deputies in San Luis Obispo County traced the call to the offices of 'Zoo to You,' a conservation park 200 miles(322 km) north of Los Angeles, but couldn't find any humans in trouble.

Undeterred, and determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, they began to investigate. "Then they all realized it must have been Route, the Capuchin monkey," said a social media post by the sheriff's office.

"Apparently, Route had picked up the zoo's cell phone, which was in the zoo's golf cart... which is used to travel around the zoo's 40-acre site."