‘Adventures on the New Silk Road’ depicts moving stories of BRI
Published: Sep 03, 2022 11:50 AM

The spread of the epidemic has adversely affected many of the projects along the route of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). 

BRI is facing unprecedented challenges.

Some in the West have taken the opportunity to ask, "Can China's new Silk Road still go on?"

The 3rd season of "Adventures on the New Silk Road" filmed by China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) provides a good answer: BRI is moving forward.

The new media series "Adventures on the New Silk Road" is about to launch its 3rd season in September.

The 1st and 2nd seasons of the series have been launched in 2017 and 2019, and have received nearly 30 million views and 100,000 likes overseas.

The 3rd season is both an extension of the first two and at the same time has a new theme to keep up with the times: "Hand in hand, Responding to the crisis ". Twenty short films tell the moving short stories of this theme from different aspects.

The epidemic has restricted interpersonal exchanges, but as we see in the short films, the exchanges between China and the countries along the route have not been interrupted, and some projects have continued to advance according to the plan, and some have extended to new areas, deepening cooperation in new ways of communication.

The titles "Relay International Tour" and "Press the shutter to restart the connection" are far-reaching and eye-catching, and they quickly reminded the audience of the resilience of BRI.

The successful completion of the construction projects of the new administrative capital of Egypt, and the new stadium in Cambodia shows a speed - the China speed, and the determination - together we are walking forward.

What is running on the New Silk Road is not only one project after another, but also the streams of intersection of ideas and cultures from different nationalities and the exchange of emotions between people. This was particularly evident during the epidemic.

The 3rd season has four outstanding features.

First, the storytelling is strong. Each film is very short, only a few minutes, but all have a compelling story.

Second, it is humane. Each story is related to a specific collaborative project, but is centered on the people in building the project and tells a human story.

Third, the emphasis is on collaboration. Cooperation gives us a deeper understanding of helping each other and overcoming difficulties together, and gives people a more solid confidence in moving into the future. 

Fourthly, from the 20 short films to see a big background. While responding to some foreign doubts about BRI, it shows an overall context of building a shared community of human destiny.

The 3rd season of "Adventures on the New Silk Road", produced under the epidemic, broke through many difficulties and covered four continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and America, involving more than ten countries, including Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Egypt and Peru. The success of the documentary itself reflects a new silk road spirit of excellence.

The New Silk Road is "new" because it has a rich civilization connotation and a historical spirit of working together to create connectivity in spite of difficulties. The stories of cooperation in today's globalization tell us the historical spirit of the New Silk Road is increasingly taking on the vitality of a new era. 

The general theme of building, sharing and winning together with the countries along BRI will bring us more vivid, concrete, diversified and moving stories.