Chinese rural granary wins MUSE Design Awards 2022
Published: Sep 15, 2022 06:47 PM
Jing Yun Granary Photo:Courtesy of Jing Yun Granary

Jing Yun Granary Photo:Courtesy of Jing Yun Granary

The Jing Yun Granary in Southwest China's Sichuan Province recently entered the spotlight after winning the MUSE Design Awards 2022's Gold Award for design. The design went up against international design pitches from over 100 countries and regions around the world.

Besides winning the award, the granary's designers also won another laurel from France's Novum Design Award (NDA) - one of the world's leading annual design competitions.  

The granary was designed by the SYN group, a leading Chinese organization focusing on urban-rural integration services. The group took inspiration from traditional Sichuan courtyard architecture to blend the contemporary barn into the local environment. 

By transforming the traditional eave structure, the new design creates a vivid fa?ade inspired by the Chinese idiom: "When viewed from the side, it may look like a peak."

Located in the city of Deyang, Sichuan Province, the granary was an abandoned building that once housed a village health center and an old movie theater.

The newly updated design has transformed the granary into a place for cultural activities that not only bring locals together, but also attract visitors from all over the country. 

In 2021, the Jing Yun Granary was used as a venue for the Spring Day Poetry event, which boosted sales of local agricultural products and brought more income to local farmers.