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Published: Sep 19, 2022 07:05 PM
People explore a Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf- themed game center in Shanghai. Photo: IC

People explore a Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf- themed game center in Shanghai. Photo: IC

'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf': animated TV series loved by people of all ages

Debuting on August 3, 2005, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is a Chinese animated television series created by Huang Weiming and produced by Creative Power Entertaining. With more than 2,000 episodes and 10 films, the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf franchise is hugely popular in China.  

The show centers on a group of goats living in Goat Village of Green Green Grassland. Weslie, one of the main characters, is a goat who wears a blue ribbon with a bell around his neck. Smart and optimistic, he always comes up with good ideas to help others and save the goats from getting eaten by Wolffy. His goat friends include the lazy Paddi, the beautiful Tibbi, the strong Sparky and the thoughtful Jonie.  

Wolffy is a gray wolf living in a castle with his wife Wolnie. He attempts to capture the goats and eat them but always fails. The antagonist of the show, Wolffy is appreciated by many adult viewers because of his faithfulness to his wife and his strong determination to catch the goats. His famous catchphrase is "I'll be back," which he always says whenever defeated by the goats.  

One of the most successful Chinese animated television series, the show has been broadcast on over 75 cable and satellite television stations in China. It has also been aired in more than 100 countries including India, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and North America.

The first spinoff movie from the cartoon series, titled Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf - The Super Adventure, hit cinemas in China in 2009. Well-received by audiences, the film earned more than 80 million yuan ($11.4 million) at the box office. 

Now 17 years after the debut of the series, the studio behind Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is still creating new content and has not been afraid to try something different. 

For example, the latest Pleasant Goat film in 2022 is a sports movie in which the goats and wolves work together to compete against fierce opponents on the basketball court. 

Earning more than 160 million yuan at the box office, the film was appreciated by not only families but also sports lovers. 

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