Chinese tech firm launches 5G capable phone case for Huawei’s latest Mate50 lineup
Published: Sep 21, 2022 12:48 PM Updated: Sep 21, 2022 12:46 PM
The 5G phone case for Huawei P50 Pro

The 5G phone case for Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei's latest flagship products Mate50 series pricing between 5,499 ($780.66) and 7,799 yuan kicked off sales on Wednesday, and a 5G phone case that can help Huawei's smart phone connect to the 5G network was also available to the market, Chinese media outlet reported.

Due to the short supply of key components due to a crackdown by the US, Huawei's smart phone only access to 4G network since its P40 series, media reported earlier. China Telecom, one of China's major telecom carriers, debuted its Mate50 series package adding a 5G phone case, which is separately priced at 799 yuan. The overall thickness of the phone is 13.6-14.1 millimeters and a weight of 53-58 grams based on different phone models.

The Global Times learnt that the 5G phone case for Huawei's P50 Pro and Mate50 series is also being sold through several online Huawei authorized exclusive stores on Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall. An authorized store has completed over 100 orders within a month to date.

The 5G phone case, developed by Chinese tech firm SoyeaLink, gains public interest after it was confirmed that it helps Huawei's smart phone gain 5G network access via a "physical approach" using an embedded SIM (eSIM) technique.

An article published by another Chinese telecom carrier China Unicom's Shanghai branch on its official WeChat account on May 17 stated that the 5G phone case, priced at 799 yuan, would be firstly adapted for Huawei's P50 Pro and will be made compatible with other mobile phone models and phone makers. The 5G phone case weighs 52 grams and is 3.2 millimeters thick, the article noted.

Industry analysts have taken contrasting opinions to the 5G phone case. Some suggested that the phone case represents a breakthrough by combining eSIM chip and dual-core processor together. While the consumers may not accept spending extra money on a phone case with other brands such as OPPO and Honor all retailing at similar prices already delivering 5G access.

Global Times