Serbian president questions double standards over territorial integrity
Published: Sep 22, 2022 08:44 PM
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Wednesday questioned double standards practiced by certain countries over the territorial integrity and sovereignty of states.

Nonuse of force and the peaceful resolution of disputes are the pillars of world stability. But they must be accompanied by principles such as nonselective observance of the UN Charter, implementation of mandatory UN Security Council resolutions and the basic principles of the applicable international law, he told the General Debate of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly.

Serbia did not violate the territorial integrity of a single sovereign state. Yet, the fact did not prevent NATO from attacking Serbia without a decision by the UN Security Council, Vucic said.

Security Council Resolution 1244, which confirmed and guaranteed partial sovereignty and full territorial integrity of Serbia, did not prevent many Western countries from unilaterally recognizing the independence of Kosovo, and from violating the territorial integrity of Serbia, he said.

Regardless of the fact that Serbia still feels the consequences of the gross violation of the basic provisions of international law, Serbia does not give up on the foundational principles of the UN, said Vucic. 

"We shall keep advocating the consistent observance of the principle of inviolability of borders, respect for sovereignty and integrity of all other UN member states," he said.

"Despite such a position of ours, many in this room have issues with respecting the territorial integrity of Serbia. You wonder why? Because they have the power in their hands, and in their eyes, we are small and weak." 

Serbia believes that it is imperative that current challenges must not deepen world divisions in any way, and that polarization at the global level should make room for principles of multilateralism, he said.

Serbia strongly supports inclusive, networked and efficient multilateralism as the best tool for responding to the most urgent challenges facing mankind, he said. "Multilateralism, collective actions and common responsibility are ­irreplaceable elements of our discussions so far. But allow me to underline that the starting point for such constructive engagement is solidarity," Vucic said.