Woman gets 21 wedding invitations ahead of National Day holiday
Published: Sep 26, 2022 08:17 PM
Money in a red envelope from the wedding. Photo: Sina Weibo

Money in a red envelope from the wedding. Photo: Sina Weibo

A woman in Wuzhou, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, received 21 wedding invitations ahead of the seven-day National Day holiday, attracting attention from netizens on the social media who joked that she is even busier than the newlyweds.

The woman surnamed Shi, said the invitations were sent by her classmates, colleagues and friends, adding that she had received a total of 21 invitations.

"I had to go to three weddings a day on average during the seven-day holiday, and even up to five weddings a day," Shi said with a laugh, adding that she might not be able to attend all the weddings.

Shi's experience has resonated with many netizens, especially at a time when weddings peak during the long holidays. "It's hard to prepare to spend so much of one's vacation time attending weddings while spending so much gift-money on them," said one netizen.

There are also many people who express their understanding of the marriage rush on the holiday, as it is difficult for many people to find such a suitable long holiday to hold a wedding and to invite all their family and friends.

"I choose not to accept gift-money, and in fact the best gift for me is to have my family and friends come and give me their blessings," a netizen said.