The first Vietnam Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee World space opened in Shanghai
Published: Oct 11, 2022 05:13 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Trung Nguyen Legend Group

Photo: Courtesy of Trung Nguyen Legend Group

On September 21, the first Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee World space of Trung Nguyen Legend Group, a premium coffee brand originating from Vietnam, officially opened at Taikoo Hui Trade Center, 699 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai.

The first Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee World space in Shanghai is a cultural and artistic coffee space for consumers to enjoy Vietnamese coffee, showcasing Vietnam culture and promoting the value of coffee. Trung Nguyen Legend Group has incorporated the crystallization of three coffee civilizations in the world: Ottoman coffee, Roman coffee and Zen coffee civilizations into every corner of the store and offers quality meals to go with it. 

Established in 1996 by the founder Chairman Vu after 26 years of development and brand innovation, Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee has become a world-class coffee brand and is popular in over 83 countries and regions around the world. Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee regards coffee as an expression of culture. What many people do not know is that one quarter of the world's coffee comes from Vietnam, which is also home to the world's best Robusta coffee beans because of its 160 million year old special basalt soil.

Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee

Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee

As China and Vietnam have similar Eastern cultural background and philosophy, Trung Nguyen Legend always regards China as a particularly important market and is a rapidly growing market as well. Since entering the Chinese market, the Trung Nguyen Legend has always been committed to sharing Vietnamese coffee culture while pursuing professional quality. And its ace product - G7 instant coffee is well-known among coffee lovers as well, with 800 million cups of Trung Nguyen Legend coffee sold in China since the beginning of 2022. 

Through the first Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee World opening, they hope to bring the diversity of the coffee world to the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, which is the headquarters office of Trung Nguyen Legend China and the location of the first overseas flagship store, to blend the lifestyle of coffee drinking with the cultural habits of Chinese coffee lovers. Coffee can be a medium of communication between different cultures in the process of fusion to achieve a multicultural identity. 

It is generally known that the demands for coffee in China has grown considerably over recent years due to the development of social life, changing lifestyles and the embrace of new cultural trends among Chinese consumers. Study by the China Coffee Association Beijing (CCAB) shows that coffee consumption in China is growing at an average rate of 15 percent per year. 

The age group of coffee consumers is also getting younger and younger, which means coffee consumers in China have the flexibility to quickly accept new coffee trends that has given Trung Nguyen Legend Group confidence in the Chinese market. The Group said, "After the flagship store of Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee World in Shanghai has stabilized its operations, we will expand our business landscape and plan to develop 1,000 stores in China through investment and cooperation.