Chinese FM refutes Australian minister’s claim about rare earths
Published: Nov 01, 2022 06:56 PM
rare earth Photo:VCG

rare earth Photo:VCG

A spokesperson for China's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday refuted claims made by Australia's resources minister about Western countries' reliance on China for rare earths, saying that the world economy should not be politicized to disrupt global industrial and supply chains.

Australian Resources Minister Madeleine King said that it was a "pipe dream" for Western countries to end their reliance on China for rare earths due to China's grip on global markets, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

Asked about King's remarks at a regular press conference on Tuesday, Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson, said that he noticed the remarks and China always believes that all key mineral resource countries should play a constructive role in ensuring the security and stability of the relevant industrial and supply chains, jointly assume the responsibility for the global supply of relevant minerals, and ensure the normal development of relevant economic and trade cooperation.

"At the same time, the world economy should not be politicized, instrumentalized, or weaponized, which disrupts the stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain and affects the existing world economic system," Zhao said.

The spokesperson further stated that China will continue to deeply participate in the global industrial division and cooperation, and maintain a diversified and stable international economic pattern and economic and trade relations.

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