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Published: Nov 10, 2022 11:00 PM
<em>Pêcher l'air de Paris 2020</em> by Shen Yuan Photo: Courtesy of Red Brick Art Museum

Pêcher l'air de Paris 2020 by Shen Yuan Photo: Courtesy of Red Brick Art Museum

'Angling' - art drama

Angling is a solo exhibition of Chinese artist Shen Yuan in Beijing. 

The exhibition displays six art installations created by Shen, five of which were created from 2019 to 2022. Showing scenes of mundane life, the works appear soft and shapeless - a deliberate artistic choice by Shen to communicate with visitors her memories and her experience as a woman artist inspired by both Eastern and Western culture. These works attempt to get audiences thinking about topics such as identity, separation and immigration against the backdrop of today's increasingly fluid global culture. 

The highlight of the Beijing exhibition is called Pêcher l'air de Paris 2020. The work was inspired by Dadaism pioneer Marcel Duchamp's tricks of visual-linguistic puns and word-games, notably in his well-known works Air de Paris (1919) and Fresh Widow (1920).

Shen's work is a message to her lifelong partner Huang Yongping, quoting his work The Saint Learns from a Spider to Weave a Cobweb, created in 1994. 

Mattéo et moi 2019-2021 is another of Shen's works, an art expression showing how she reacted to losing Huang in 2019. She collaborated with differently abled teenage artist Mattéo in this work to look into the happiness and pains that life brought her through Mattéo's unique artistic expressions. 

Where: Red Brick Art ­Museum, Beijing 

When: Until February 26, 2023  

Price: 120 yuan ($16.60)

'National Geographic show' - photo exhibition 

This new show in Wenzhou, ­Zhejiang Province, marks the first time that over 100 breathtaking moments that have been documented by National Geographic magazine have ever been debuted in the city.  

The show displays photos covering a variety of themes. For example, the migration of birds captured by Klaus Nigge and rock paintings created by Native Americans in photos by Rich Reid. 

Also, photographer Carsten Peter's sensational photos that show a huge tornado in the US and also one of the world's largest active volcanoes, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

Such photos on one hand show how "vulnerable" human beings are compared to the power and ­unpredictably of nature, and on the other hand show the great spirit of exploration that allows human beings to co-exist and understand nature. 

Photos exhibited at the Wenzhou show cover various subjects such as the environment,  geography and culture. 

Though they have been taken by different photographers, they all take improvement of humanity as their central theme. 

Where: The Mixc, Wenzhou 

When: Until February 19, 2023  

Price:  From 9.9 yuan ($1.40) 

'Jiao Feihu's piano concert' - music event 

Have you ever thought about treating yourself with a night of classical music? 

This music concert in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, is a solo piano concert performed by Jiao Feihu, an emerging Chinese pianist who has been studying classical music and living in Russia ever since he was 3 years old. 

Born in Baoding, Hebei Province, in 1986, Jiao is a versatile musician who is not only good at playing the piano but also a talented conductor. At the age of 15, Jiao began to cooperate with many symphony orchestras in Russia.

Though he can speak five different languages such as Russian, German, French and Italian, Jiao is still holding on tight to his Chinese cultural roots. 

In 2015, he collaborated with Chinese conductor Tan Lihua for the Piano Concerto of the Yellow River, which has toured around the country and earned great reviews from music lovers.  

Where: Strait Culture and Art Center, Fuzhou 

When: November 18, 2022  

Price:  From 30 yuan ($4.10)