Climate activists splash liquid on Barcelona mummy exhibit
Published: Nov 14, 2022 09:36 PM
Climate activists splashed a viscous liquid over a glass case housing a replica mummy at Barcelona's Egyptian Museum on Sunday in the latest attack targeting cultural exhibits in protest at inaction over global warming.

The two activists doused the case with red and brown gunge from Coca-Cola bottles, also splattering framed images on surrounding walls, according to footage published on the Publico news website. They then glued their hands beside a nearby exhibit and held up a modified Coca-Cola banner scrawled with the words "climate justice." 

The US drinks giant is one of the official sponsors of the UN's COP27 climate summit in Egypt. Environmentalists say the company is behind much of the world's plastic pollution.  

When police arrived, the two activists cooperated and neither was arrested, but the museum said it would file a complaint for damages. 

The protesting pair were part of ­Futuro Vegetal - a Spanish group whose activists glued their hands to the frames of paintings by Spanish master Francisco Goya at Madrid's Prado Museum on November 5.

Sunday's stunt was the latest in a string of climate protests by activists who have thrown soup at Vincent van Gogh paintings in London and Rome, and mashed potatoes on a Monet masterpiece. On Thursday, dozens of the world's top museums issued a statement saying they were "deeply shaken" by these actions, adding that activists "severely underestimate" the damage they could cause.