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Published: Nov 17, 2022 10:59 PM
Promotional material for History and People's Choice Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

Promotional material for History and People's Choice Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

'History and People's Choice' - stage performance

No matter where you are from, the new stage performance History and People's Choice in Beijing is surely going to bring you closer to China's historical developments and show you how the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has guided the Chinese people to a better life of happiness. 

This stage performance is one of the most acclaimed red dramas celebrating the 20th CPC National Congress in 2022.

It tells the story of how the CPC's various people-­orientated policies have enlightened the Chinese people's lives and how they believe that nothing will stop China from becoming greater and greater. 

Crucial Chinese historical figures such as the country's former leader Mao Zedong are vividly depicted on stage.

Besides starring veteran stage actors such as Shi Xiaoman and Wang Ban, the stage performance also brings in current actors such as Ma Jiaqi and Song Yaxuan to better attract younger audiences.

The show also makes use of video technology to ­enhance the visual experience on stage and to better depict the ­country's real history to audiences. 

Where: Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Beijing 

When: November 20, 2022  

Price: From 180 yuan ($25.40)

'Traditional National Music Sings China' - music concert

China is a country with abundant artistic legacies. Traditional Chinese music, especially music interpreted by China's unique instruments such as pipa, ruan and erhu, are considered quintessential works of art. This music event in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province aims to show audiences how these ancient instruments can use their sound to great effect in today's modern age. 

The entire program is divided into four chapters. The first chapter focuses on sheng, whose ethereal and slow-paced sound is used to depict the long history of China. The second and third chapters involve more diverse instruments such as ruan and suona. 

The two chapters use music to depict China's natural landscapes as well as use instruments unique to the country's ethnic groups, such as the horse head string instrument, to depict China's cultural diversity. 

Unlike other music concerts, the show provides voice over explanations for the presented Chinese instruments so that audiences may gain a better understanding of Chinese music history. 

The Shenzhen show will be performed by the Shanghai National Music Orchestra. Founded in 1952, it is China's earliest modern national music orchestra. 

Where: Guangming Culture & Art Center, Shenzhen 

When: December 3, 2022  

Price: From 80 yuan ($11.30)

'Puzzle, After Solving' - poetry session 

Among the various literature arts, poetry always seems to be the one that allows readers to feel a thin veil has been put between themselves and the text. 

Reading poetry can be a difficult journey as one tries to decode the imaginative descriptions and hard-to-explain emotional abstractions that a poet builds in a few lines, especially when it comes to using everyday words in new ways to invoke new feelings in readers. 

Though reading poetry requires a great deal of time and effort, and a bit of luck, on the reader's part to fathom the art form's beauty, it has nevertheless has been praised around the world for a long time as tool to not only express art ideas, but also discusses real social issues. 

This poetry session in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, is going to be an event that gathers literature lovers together to discuss problems about belief, eating, love and resentment and how these intriguing themes are depicted in poetry. 

Where: Yiwei Bookshop, Chengdu 

When: Until December 22, 2022  

Price: Free entry