Businesses in Guangzhou actively prepare to resume work amid optimized anti-COVID efforts
Published: Nov 30, 2022 09:29 PM Updated: Nov 30, 2022 09:21 PM
A beer factory in Guangzhou on October 10, 2022 Photo: VCG

A beer factory in Guangzhou on October 10, 2022 Photo: VCG

Many companies in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province are actively preparing to resume work and production after the local government announced optimized anti-epidemic measures and vowed to stabilize overall economic development.

Guangzhou is making every effort to stabilize general economic development as well as the development fundamentals of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Huang Xingyao, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, said on Wednesday during a regular press conference on epidemic prevention and control.

After the press conference, a number of employees from Guangzhou-based enterprises told the Global Times that the companies will resume work and production in accordance with local anti-COVID-19 policies.

A white-collar employee working for a vehicle enterprise in Guangzhou surnamed Chen told the Global Times that due to spreading flare-ups, all employees had to work online. "This week the company has cleaned and disinfected its office areas according to the latest epidemic prevention measures, and may resume on-site work in the near future," Chen said.

An employee of a branch of Alibaba in Guangzhou told the Global Times that his department will resume normal work from Friday, and a 24-hour negative nucleic acid test result as well as the health code are needed.

Huang noted that the government will set up a special group for industrial enterprises and parks, in a bid to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention materials and living materials.

Additionally, the city vowed to guarantee the stability and smoothness of the supply chains of industrial enterprises, helping enterprises like Guangzhou Automobile Group and Nissan, as well as SMEs resume work and production.

At the press conference, the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission said that it is further optimizing five prevention and control measures, including precise classification of high-risk regions and accurate epidemiological investigation.

"Amid the new wave of the coronavirus, support policies - especially tax and fee cuts - have addressed some financial difficulties faced by SMEs," Zhang Yi, CEO of iiMedia Research Institute based in Guangzhou, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

Zhang added that his company will accelerate the pace of work and production resumption in keeping with the latest policies, and increase the company's technology development and product layout, in a bid to ensure its smooth operation.

Also on Wednesday, many districts in Guangzhou, including Haizhu, Tianhe and Conghua, announced that they will adjust epidemic prevention and control measures. Haizhu district will allow close contacts to implement home quarantine, and Tianhe, Conghua and Huadu districts will lift restrictions in temporary control zones.

The search for train tickets departing from Guangzhou increased by 2.5 times after the announcement of lifting temporary epidemic control measures, domestic online travel agency said, with the destinations including the provinces of Sichuan, Hunan and Guizhou.