C.China’s Zhengzhou city incentivizes workers who stay put during Spring Festival, including Foxconn employees
Published: Jan 16, 2023 05:40 PM Updated: Jan 16, 2023 05:33 PM

Foxconn Photo: VCG

Foxconn Photo: VCG

Zhengzhou, Central China’s Henan Province plans to issue 20 million yuan ($2.97 million) awarding bonus to companies including Foxconn Technology Group and other key enterprises to stablize labor supply and production during the coming Spring Festival period.


The Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone plans to distribute 20 million yuan of digital “red envelopes” to the employees staying put on their posts from January 21 to 27, according to a notice by the zone.


The Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone is expected to retain nearly 200,000 employees from key enterprises and key projects to stay put during the Spring Festival. Efforts will be made to encourage employees to stay on their jobs, support companies to steady orders and expand production to ensure a good start to the first quarter of 2023, said zone officials.


Zhengzhou is home to the largest manufacturing base for Foxconn. The Foxconn Zhengzhou Science and Technology Park is the largest manufacturing factory of Foxconn, covering about 5.6 million square meters.


It handles nearly 80 percent of Foxconn's smartphone production capacity on the Chinese mainland, Xinhua reported.


Production lines of the Foxconn Zhengzhou factory are now running normally and various measures have been taken to stabilize production, including increasing workers’ income during the holidays, and improving living and medical conditions, said Wang Xue, deputy general manager of the park.


"At present, the factory's supply chain is smooth and orders are sufficient. The Spring Festival holidays and the following couple of months will be our production peaks. We are working hard to recover lost time and orders," said Wang.


The import and export value of Central China’s Henan Province exceeded 850 billion yuan in 2022, ranking the ninth in China, a record high for the hinterland province.


Mobile phones and parts were the main import and export commodities for the province in 2022. The total import and export of mobile phones, integrated circuits, audio and video parts, and flat panel displays hit 45.27 billion yuan, accounting for 52.8 percent of the total import and export value of the province.