Chinese hit animation triggers controversy over influence on children
Published: Jan 19, 2023 08:03 PM
Promotional material for <em>Yao-Chinese Folktales</em> Photo: Courtesy of Bilibili

Promotional material for Yao-Chinese Folktales Photo: Courtesy of Bilibili

Recently, the topic "Chinese parents bombard animated series Yao-Chinese Folktales" started trending on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo. 

One netizen wrote a post saying that the first two episodes scared their child to tears. Some people criticized the show as "detrimental to children's healthy development," while many others questioned: Who said animation should only be made for kids? Parents are the ones who should guide their children how to perceive and discover things, and should not use "animation is for kids" as an excuse for their lack of family education.

Hong Kong action movie hero Donnie Yen said he hopes to make a martial arts movie that will allow even people outside of China who know nothing about martial arts see its beauty and splendor. 

Because of actors like Yen, who are relentless in their efforts to improve Chinese martial arts movies, we really look forward to seeing these movies shine again. Yen has always insisted on making high-quality martial arts movies and has done everything by himself from the scripts, cinematography and even the background music, leading Chinese martial arts movies to the world with his own ability and influence.

Chinese games publisher NetEase said on Wednesday it has rejected a proposal from Activision Blizzard to extend their long-time partnership for six months.

For the many fans of the games, this means that their game accounts will be suspended and their friends in the game will be lost. 

The game industry has changed very much and so it will be impossible that people end up not having games to play. Despite this, people are still sad that their days of youth are finally coming to an end.