China becomes 3rd country to deliver quantum computers, after Canada and US
Published: Jan 30, 2023 03:28 PM

"Wuyuan" superconducting quantum computer Photo: Courtesy of Origin Quantum

China has become the third country with the ability to deliver a completely home-made quantum computer, which was developed by a Chinese enterprise. 

Origin Quantum Computing Technology Co, a quantum computing company based in East China's Anhui Province, has developed quantum computers and delivered one to a user, per a statement sent to the Global Times by the Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center on Monday. 

The delivery makes China the third country in the world with the ability to deliver a complete quantum computer, cementing the country's leading position in quantum computing researches after achieving "quantum superiority," the statement noted. 

"More than 100 quantum computing companies in the world have put enormous investment into quantum research and development. Canada's quantum computing company sold its first quantum computer in 2011, followed by IBM of the US in 2019. Chinese Origin Quantum delivered a quantum computer in 2021," Zhang Hui, director of the Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center, was quoted as saying. 

Zhang said that quantum computers have become an area of research competition among countries, since more and more research institutions and large companies are involved in this field, and the process of practical universal quantum computers will be accelerated.

China's first MLLAS-100 laser annealer dedicated to quantum chip production was developed earlier in January by Origin Quantum, a move aimed at solving instability and increasing production quality when the number of quantum bits increases. 

Origin Quantum is the first quantum computing company in China. In 2020, it launched "Wuyuan," the first domestic superconducting quantum computer, providing quantum computing services to global users through a cloud platform, according to the statement.

In 2022, Origin Quantum released its first collaborative computing system solution of a quantum computer and supercomputer, which can give full play to the advantages of quantum computers and supercomputers in both directions. 

A quantum computer is a type of computer that uses quantum mechanics so that it can perform certain kinds of computation more efficiently than a regular computer can.

Global Times