Beijing-Hebei to celebrate anniversary of 2022 Winter Olympics, explore future use of 'legacy'
Published: Feb 02, 2023 10:50 PM
Winter Olympics Photo:VCG

Winter Olympics Photo:VCG

Starting on Saturday, more than 100 activities will be held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Beijing Winter Games, the Information Office of Beijing Municipality revealed at a press conference on Wednesday.  

Besides holding a winter sports carnival, a market fair that focuses on "Olympic Culture" and the new logo of the Beijing Olympic Museum will be introduced at the opening ceremony of the anniversary event on Saturday at the Shougang Ice Hockey Arena. 

Eight types of winter sports activities, like curling experience matches, a ski open tournament and a "Winter Biathlon," will be held in Beijing, with the aim of continuing to get the public involved in winter sports and to enhance China's "300 million people on ice" goal.  

During February and March, other activities like dragon boat competitions on ice as well as Winter Olympic camps designed for Chinese youngsters will also be held in both Beijing and Zhangjiakou, the joint hosts of the 2022 Games. 

Fu Xiaohui, the secretary general of the Beijing Olympic Development Association, told media that the commemoration of the Olympic Games anniversary is an "international practice" encouraged by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). 

To encourage the international practice, the IOC also posted a celebratory message on its official website on Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of the Beijing Games.

The IOC noted that the positive development of winter sports in China has improved Chinese society in many aspects such as in the "health," "leisure," and "social and economic" fields. 

Chu Xin, a cultural sociologist, told the Global Times that Beijing has endeavored to transform its Olympic legacies into an IP of social progress. 

Aside from activities, two reports that focus on the sustainable development of Beijing's Olympic legacy will also be introduced as part of the anniversary event. 

Fu said that to release of the two reports is to introduce and publicize the experience and practices of the utilization and sustainable development of Beijing's Winter Olympic heritage to the world.