African diplomats visit Xinjiang, express firm support for China’s justified stance on the region
Published: Feb 03, 2023 12:55 PM
Photo: Xinjiang Daily

Photo: Xinjiang Daily

A group of ambassadors and diplomats from African countries visited Northwest China's Xinjiang region and had a meeting with the regional Party chief Ma Xingrui on Thursday, during which they spoke highly of the region's efforts in countering terrorism and extremism and expressed firm support for China's justified stance on Xinjiang-related topics.

The delegation included ambassadors and diplomats from embassies in China of African countries, including Senegal, Benin, Mali, Rwanda, Madagascar, Malawi, Uganda, Lesotho and Chad, according to the Xinjiang Daily newspaper. 

Representing the Party committee and the regional government, Ma welcomed the delegation at the Thursday meeting and introduced the socioeconomic developments in the region. He noted that the region continued to promote high-quality developments centered on the people, consolidate ethnic harmony and unity, fully protect region freedom and boost human rights developments.

With the support of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Xinjiang region has worked to deepen exchanges with the outside world, which firmly refuted disinformation spread by the US and some Western countries, said Ma, expressing hope for the delegation to introduce their experience in the Xinjiang region and let the international community have a more overall and objective view on the happy life of local people in the region and regional developments. 

China and Africa hold dear abiding friendship, Ma welcomed diplomats to visit the region to promote exchanges and deepen cooperation between the region and African countries.

Ambassadors and diplomats from the African embassies who attended the Thursday meeting spoke highly of the region's efforts in countering terrorism and expressed hope for further strengthening cooperation on security to jointly prevent and handle with threat of terrorism.

The diplomats were also impressed by the achievements in the region and the harmony and happy life of local residents. Lies on the region cannot cover up the truth. They would firmly support China's justified stance on Xinjiang-related topics, oppose politicizing human rights issues and oppose foreign forces to interfere with China's internal affairs by using topics of the region.

The Xinjiang region is the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt, and under the Belt and Road Initiative, African countries will expand cooperation with the Xinjiang region, promote more companies in the region to invest in Africa to make more achievements in fields including poverty alleviation, culture, agriculture and energy, in order to bring more benefits to African people, said the African diplomats. 

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