Trends: Short videos can also be a studying field
Published: Mar 09, 2023 11:35 PM
Chinese short video start-up Kuaishou in Beijing Photo: VCG

Chinese short video start-up Kuaishou in Beijing Photo: VCG

 In addition to entertaining, short videos can also be a studying field accelerating the spread of general knowledge to the masses. Last week, the country's "Moving China 2023 Person of the Year Award Ceremony" was held, where a group of "silver-haired knowledge broadcasters" who are retired teachers telling knowledge to their million viewers were selected as top 10 groups for their touching stories behind.

The rapid popularity of short videos is highly related to entertainment, therefore many people are worried about the future of pan-entertainment due to those platforms. Though the vigilance is reasonable, excessive panic is not necessary. Just like all new technologies and media that have appeared in the past, people should take control of it like what the retired teachers above have done, instead of rejecting it out of fear.

The Paper

Literature, such as novels and historical records and other literary works, is always an important element on the way of China marching to an international stage as it is three-dimensional, full of emotions, and easily accepted by foreign readers. 

In addition, public concern that Chinese writers rarely win the Nobel Literature Prize doesn't mean their works are not good enough. 

Any award in the world tends to lean on certain political overtones, and so does Nobel Prize for Literature.

Mai Jia, writer

From the ancient Silk Road to nowadays' Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), silk is always an important bond that promotes the communications between the East and the West in areas including Politics, Economics, as well as the Culture. 

Now with the development of BRI as well as China's strategy of high-quality economic development, China's silk textile industry will encounter huge opportunities for export. 

But first, it is necessary for the industry to grow its own powerful brand with core technology, before it tells good silk stories to the rest of the world.

Tu Hongyan, business insider