Taiwan authorities urged to promote full resumption of direct flights across Straits
Published: Mar 10, 2023 02:19 AM
Taiwan Photo: Unsplash

Taiwan Photo: Unsplash

The decision by Taiwan authorities to resume direct flights to some mainland destinations meets with the need of fully resuming direct flights across the Straits, Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, told a press conference on Thursday.

The authorities on the island of Taiwan announced on Wednesday that it will resume regular direct flights to 10 mainland cities starting from Friday and will also resume chartered flight service to a further 13 mainland cities.

The Chinese mainland aviation authorities urged the Taiwan authorities to prioritize the resumption of direct flights to 16 mainland destinations, including Guangzhou to better deliver benefits to compatriots on February 1.

Peace, development, exchanges and cooperation are the common anticipation of people across the Straits, Ma said on Thursday.

The resumption of direct flights among destinations is conducive to the personnel exchanges and communications across the Straits, noted Ma.

Ma also called on the Taiwan authorities to heed the voice of Taiwan compatriots and promote at the earliest date the full normalization of direct flights across the Straits, ferry services, and full resumption of the "mini three links," which refer to direct trade, postal, and transport services between Kinmen, Matsu, and Fujian.

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