CNNC announces largest ever annual investment plan on nuclear power, new energy
Published: Mar 12, 2023 12:51 PM
CNNC File Photo: Xinhua

CNNC File Photo: Xinhua

China National Nuclear Power Co (CNNC) recently unveiled its 2023 investment blueprint, worth of 80.02 billion yuan ($11.58 billion), which is a near 60 percent of year-on-year increase, also marking the highest annual investment since it was listed on the stock market.

According to the announcement, the annual investment plan was devised based on the company's development and operational projects, which will cover various sectors of nuclear power, multipurpose nuclear energy, new energy and other investments in fixed assets and program acquisition. 

As of the end of 2022, CNNC had 25 nuclear power generators in operation with capacity of 23.75 million kilowatts and eight nuclear power generators under construction with a forecast capacity of 8.88 million kilowatts, according to a company announcement. 

In 2022, CNNC's annual investment reached 50.63 billion yuan. A total of 199.29 billion kilowatt-hours electricity was generated, 16.65 billion kilowatt-hours more than 2021 levels, and a 9.12 percent year-on-year increase.

CNNC set its annual electricity generation goal in 2023 at 205 billion kilowatt-hours, consisting of 183.5 billion kilowatt-hours from nuclear power and 21.5 billion kilowatt-hours from new energy. 

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