China’s top dance cup for youth launches ‘achievements” exhibition
Published: Mar 17, 2023 12:05 AM
Focusing on China's youth dance education, an exhibition about the "Taoli Cup," the country's most notable dance achievements exhibition for youth, recently kicked off at Beijing Dance Academy in Beijing. 

The Achievement Exhibition of the 13th "Taoli Cup" National Dancing Education Performance of China displays the annual achievements regarding China's dance education, particularly education targeting the country's youth population. 

The first section of the three-part exhibition covers showcases. Prominent young dancers selected from all over the country have given performances. Among them, students performed in various styles not only covering classic Chinese dance and folk dances but also Western dances such as ballet and group dancing. 

The second part showcases the teaching achievements of excellent dance teachers. Dancing experts shared how they help students find creative expressions in dance as well as how to foresee a student's unique talents and design targeted training. The third section is a seminar discussing the future development of dance education in China. 

The "Taoli Cup" exhibition was preceded by the "Taoli Cup" Dance Competition. Initiated by the Beijing Dance Academy in 1985, the competition aimed to cultivate young Chinese dancers to promote good Chinese stories through art.