GT Podcast with Mulan: A fruitful state visit to Russia; an open letter to US: stop lose-lose trade war
Published: Mar 24, 2023 01:23 PM
GT Podcast with Mulan
Welcome to another episode of the GT Podcast with Mulan – a one-stop shop for the Global Times’ take on top China and global news.

On today’s podcast:

President Xi’s state visit to Russia – why is it so significant for China-Russia ties as well as the world?

An exclusive interview with US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh – what does he think of the Ukraine crisis?

An open letter to the White House: It's time to end the lose-lose trade war.

Japan’s dumping of nuclear contaminated wastewater into the ocean will be not only an environmental crisis but an economic one.

Finally, a feature story on Chinese archaeologists helping to safeguard famed relics in Cambodia.