What did Hungary do right when it received the 'biggest ever investment in its history' from China?: Global Times editorial

Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL), China's biggest electric vehicle battery maker, announced it would build a 7.34-billion-euro (50.79 billion yuan) battery plant in Hungary. Once built, it is set to be Europe's largest battery cell plant. Hungary said that it will be “the biggest ever greenfield investment in the history of Hungary.” Some foreign media claimed Hungary got the “biggest ever investment in history” because of “supporting China,” which is a bit sour: While verbally saying “No,” they have paid high attention to the investment trends of the Chinese companies.

This August 15 marks the 77th anniversary of Japan's defeat and unconditional surrender in World War II (WWII). However, 77 years later, more and more countries in the Asia-Pacific region are witnessing Japan's expanding military, and are concerned that Japan ...


The crisis around Taiwan Straits speaks volumes about the inability of Washington to conduct a coherent foreign policy.

Past decade shows China's capacity to adjust to the changing circumstances: former Slovenian president

Over the last decade, China has shown, once again, its ability to adjust to changing circumstances.