Virus resurgence raises urgency of improving epidemic-control efficiency: Global Times editorial

China's epidemic control and prevention is one of the strictest. However, no matter how careful, there is always a risk of similar serious flaws in the future.

We use the PLA every day, every moment. Let's express our sincere respect to the army, offering them all the support we can give. I wish all the soldiers and their families, especially my comrades-in-arms, a happy Army Day.

It's Australia's double standard by criticizing China's strict measures in curbing the spread of the coronavirus, and now Canberra moves to send military to Sydney to help enforce a lockdown.

VFA pact renewal does not mean Philippines reversing policy

Duterte's decision to keep the VFA can be seen as a compromise to domestic pro-US political forces. It doesn't mean Manila will align itself closely with Washington to confront Beijing.