Dark scene in the history of modern business civilization: Global Times editorial

To be more precise, the hearing was designed from the beginning to be a TikTok "struggle session" with the presumption of guilt, a trumped-up charge, and judgment before trial in which no evidence was presented, nor was TikTok given the time or opportunity to prove itself.

As Australia is a sovereign power, China hopes that Australia will not succumb to any country or become a military pawn. It is believed that the Albanese administration has sufficient political wisdom to make decisions in line with its national ...


Democrats, Republicans, the military and foreign policy establishments, and growing sections of business, are singing from the same anti-China hymn sheet.

'A shared future' offers alternative to unsustainable US dominance: former Slovenian president

We still are in a process where a dominant role of the US is the reality, but that's not sustainable. And we could start with the Chinese idea of "a shared future." But we have to think of what kind ...