China is doing its utmost to achieve this global goal: Global Times editorial

Global issues are common challenges that no one in the world can avoid. The success of COP15 represents the ability of humanity to take action as a whole to deal with challenges, which is of great importance. China, as presidency of COP15, from the beginning to the end, focuses on doing things well in a down-to-earth manner, not claiming credit but always making sure to contribute its share to the success of the cause.

Europe has always found itself torn between cooperating with China or finding faults with the second-largest economy in the world. It defines China as a “systematic rival,” but cannot get away from the fact that China is Europe's biggest source ...


If NGOs meddle in national security, that's a red line. It is within the right of a government to investigate whether these NGOs are there for the purpose of undermining the social order in the country.

Chinese model offers an alternative from Western model with more certainty and quicker decision-making

The Chinese model has proven itself in lifting hundreds of millions from poverty and looks appealing to many. It offers less uncertainty, fewer constraints and quicker decision-making.