BBC prepares basin of dirty water for UN human rights chief:Global Times editorial

Fortunately, Xinjiang did not develop in the direction these people expected. Xinjiang has not experienced violent terrorist incidents for six years, and people's rights to life, health and development have been guaranteed. In 2021, Xinjiang received nearly 200 million tourists, and the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents increased by 8 percent and 10.8 percent respectively. The people of Xinjiang will never become the hostages of the US and the West in a campaign of "using Xinjiang to contain China," and the prosperity and stability of Xinjiang is the strongest rebuttal against all the "lies of the century."

US politicians are obviously using kids victimized by gun violence as a card months ahead of the mid-term election, in a bid to gain more votes. This fully displays the hypocrisy of US politics.


Moscow should not expect a new transatlantic rift to come in the near future. The reality is that Russia will have to prepare for a protracted confrontation with a newly consolidated Collective West. Fortunately, the modern world is much larger than the Collective West, even if it is newly aware of its common historical destiny.

US bid to recreate Ukraine crisis in Asia-Pacific will meet pushback

US has started a comprehensive strategic competition with China in the Asia-Pacific which is fierce in appearance but faint in essence.