Loving both the country and Hong Kong, essence of Hong Kong's democracy: Global Times editorial

Undoubtedly, all Chinese, including Hongkongers, are confident enough to develop a democratic system that fits HKSAR's reality.

The whole-process democracy in China is a great practice of universal significance. This situation has become more and more obvious in the big picture of human civilization.

When Truss tries to shape her own image as a next Iron Lady, what she has really presented is the UK's predicament – the widening gap between the country's strength and its ambitions, which is exactly the same as Truss' ...

Instigated by US behind the curtain, Lithuania tries to kidnap EU on Taiwan question

The EU adheres to the one-China principle. Yet the US hopes the EU could join it in challenging China on the Taiwan question by muddling relevant concepts, making breakthroughs in supporting the island's role in international arena, and so on.