HKSAR govt slams US 2023 HK policy act report as attempt to undermine stability
Published: Apr 01, 2023 02:52 PM
Photo: CFP

Photo: CFP

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government on Saturday expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to the fact-twisting remarks and smears of the US State Department report that claims that the Hong Kong National Security Law (NSL)'s effects "undercut Hong Kong freedoms."

The HKSAR Government strongly disapproves of and firmly rejects the slandering remarks and ill-intentioned attacks detailed within the US' so-called 2023 Hong Kong Policy Act Report against Hong Kong where the "One country, Two systems" principle has been successfully implemented, a spokesman for the HKSAR government said in a statement.

The US State Department on Friday issued the "2023 Hong Kong Policy Act Report," claiming "the US' interests in Hong Kong have been threatened." Since the implementation of the NSL in June 2020, the US has been maliciously slandering the NSL and attacking the HKSAR through the so-called annual reports and other means.

"The US once again made fact-twisting remarks, with politics overriding the rule of law related to Hong Kong and interfered in Hong Kong affairs which are China's internal affairs. The US' attempt to undermine the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong will only expose its own weakness and faulty arguments and is doomed to fail," the spokesman said.

The HKSAR government safeguards national sovereignty, security and development interests, and upholds the authority of the NSL for HKSAR, and urges the US to immediately stop acts that do not comply with international laws and basic norms of international relations, and stop interfering in the HKSAR affairs, which are China's internal affairs, the spokesman said.

The US has also deliberately neglected the fact that the implementation of the NSL has enabled economic and social activities throughout the Hong Kong community at large to resume as normal and the business environment to be restored. Its bullying act and hypocrisy with double standards are despicable, the spokesman said. 

Facts have convincingly proved that the enactment and implementation of the NSL is fully in line with HKSAR's reality, and it has played a decisive role in realizing its transformation from chaos to governance and toward strong governance and prosperity, said the Commissioner's Office of China's Foreign Ministry in the HKSAR in late January, urging the US to immediately stop its clumsy performance of interfering in China's domestic affairs. 

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