China’s payment and clearing association warns against risks of using AI-generated chatbots like ChatGPT
Published: Apr 10, 2023 06:55 PM Updated: Apr 10, 2023 06:48 PM
AI Photo: VCG

AI Photo: VCG

The Payment & Clearing Association of China on Monday called on industry practitioners to use artificial intelligence (AI) generated chatbot tools like ChatGPT “cautiously” after some in the industry have begun to use similar tools in their work.

The association warned that such intelligent tools like ChatGPT would expose risks like cross-border data breaches.

The association said in a proposal published on its official WeChat account on Monday that those involved in payment and clearing industry should use tools like ChatGPT in accordance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations, and must not upload critical or sensitive information. 

Payment industry employees should abide by regulations, correctly understand the opportunities and risks of ChatGPT and other smart software, comprehensively evaluate the risks of using ChatGPT and other tools to handle work content, and use ChatGPT and other tools in accordance with the law, the association noted.

When using ChatGPT and other tools, payment industry employees should not upload confidential document, data related to the national and financial industry, non-public corporate data, customer information, and core code of payment and clearing infrastructure or systems, according to the proposal.

It also called member units to strengthen internal administration and scrutiny, step up efforts in data risk prevention and control, and raise the awareness of employees against potential risks so as to effectively safeguard the security of the national financial and payment and clearing industry.