Culture Beat: 'The Sea of Time'
Published: Apr 25, 2023 11:14 PM
An artwork on display at the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Gravity Art Museum

An artwork on display at the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Gravity Art Museum

'The Sea of Time'

A new exhibition, The Sea of Time, is currently on display at the new Gravity Art Museum in western Beijing's Shijingshan district. ­Curated by Wei Xiangqi, the exhibition features a collection of 50 ­artworks by 37 artists and teams from home and abroad and includes installations, videos and paintings exhibited across six sections. 

According to Wei the curator, the name of the exhibition pays tribute to the history of the museum, which used to be an old workshop for the Beijing Heavy Electric Machinery Works before being rebuilt and renovated into a museum.

Ouyang Xing, head of the Gravity Art Museum, said that contemporary art is no longer a single cultural field, but an open, diverse and complex experimental ground as well as a platform for the exchanges of various cultures, ideas, and concepts. 

The museum is committed to creating an exhibition space that is both academically profound and able to attract ordinary people. 

The exhibition will run until August 20. In addition, a series of academic forums, lectures and related public education activities will also be hosted during the exhibition.

Photo: Courtesy of Quzhou Art Museum

Photo: Courtesy of Quzhou Art Museum

Paintings from veterans

Paintings, sketches and watercolors from over 30 renowned artists like Jin Shangyi, Wen Guozhang, Ai Xuan, Yang Feiyun and Li Xiaoyu are on display at the Quzhou Art Museum in East China's Zhejiang Province. 

Many of these artists are not only academic leaders in the field of painting and art education, but also the backbones in the field of contemporary art. 

Works from new emerging young artists are also on show.

Spanning a time of more than 80 years, from the revolutionary years to today, these artworks have played an important role in the construction of art history and art education.

Answering the call of "educating people through aesthetics" and "cultivating people with culture," the exhibition aims to not only bring a visual feast to the people of Quzhou, but also present the spirit of aesthetic education.

The exhibition is set to run until May 15.