Culture Beat: Comedy 'Godspeed' to hit big screens on Friday
Published: Apr 27, 2023 12:40 AM
Promotional material for <em>Godspeed</em> Photo: Courtesy of Maoyan

Promotional material for Godspeed Photo: Courtesy of Maoyan

Comedy 'Godspeed' to hit big screens on Friday

The only comedy that will take part in the May Day holiday movie season, Godspeed, directed by Yi Xiaoxing and starring Qiao Shan, Fan Chengcheng and Ma Li, tells a story about a road trip by a ­daughter, her boyfriend and her parents. 

With its relaxed and humorous plot, the movie brings laughter to the audience while addressing real issues faced by young people today, such as the clash of ideas and balancing work and life. 

Director Yi Xiaoxing said he hopes to convey how young ­people should handle themselves and help parents better ­understand their children. 

"For everyone, there are many roads in front of you, and one has to find the road that suits you best."

In the film, the father-daughter relationship is simple and sincere. The father learns that the greatest love parents can have for their children is to learn to let go.

'The Procurator' shows duty and devotion 

Chinese movie The Procurator, directed by Alan Mak and starring Huang Jingyu, Bai Baihe and Wang Likun, is set to premiere in theaters nationwide on Saturday. 

Based on real cases, the film focuses on the work of China's prosecutors as they use their ­excellent skills and hard work to uphold fairness and justice with the help of legal counsel.

As the film is based on real cases, Mak stated that he wanted to portray the courage of Chinese prosecutors in the face of injustice and to accurately depict the details of their cases. 

Screenwriter Zhao Peng, who is also an experienced prosecutor, drew from his own experiences handling thousands of cases over his 20-year career to provide first-hand material for the film. 

Through this movie, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of the work of prosecutors in China.