Art design competition sees creativity from young college students
Published: May 03, 2023 11:49 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Perfect World

Photo: Courtesy of Perfect World

After months of waiting, the final results for the Perfect World Campus Art Design Award 2022 have been announced, with dozens of young Chinese college students winning prizes for their creative work. 

The competition adopts a variety of propositions, covers multiple scenarios, and focuses on the integration of traditional culture and modern technology in the hope of inspiring students to come up with new and creative ideas. 

Different groups of students used technology and cultural creativity to understand and interpret traditional culture in a more bold way, exploring the deepest connotations and sincere humanistic emotions of Chinese culture.

Among the winning designs is a series of graphic designs by Yang Timing from Communication University of China, who picked up spring elements like flowers and China's intangible cultural heritage such as kites and stone carving. 

"I just happened to start my creation when winter ended and spring arrived," said Yang. 

"Spring is the beginning of every beautiful thing and means hope. So I hoped to use that to present vigor and life."

AI is so hot that the competition also set up a special section for it. With his entry, Young student Jiang Zhaotong hoped to represent the Beijing hutong, or alleyways, where he grew up. 

"Thanks to advanced tools like AI, I was able to create something like this despite not being good at painting, and allow more people to learn about what the hutong were like back in the 1980s and 1990s," he said. 

Photo: Courtesy of Perfect World

Photo: Courtesy of Perfect World

According to Lu Xiaoyin, co-CEO and president of Perfect World Co., Ltd, and CEO of Perfect World Games, the company wants to provide a platform for young people to display their talents. 

"They have new ideas and creativity. That is what the whole industry needs. They can inject new vitality into the development of the Chinese cultural and creative industries," Lu told the Global Times. 

"On the other hand, we also hope to inherit and carry forward our excellent traditional culture as the competition also encourages young people to get to know and experience China's traditional culture."