Cedrus reiterates its conviction to a bright future for Chinese economy through latest investments, partnerships
Published: May 14, 2023 09:51 PM
Cedrus Group Chairman Rani Jarkas Photo: Courtesy of Cedrus Group

Cedrus Group Chairman Rani Jarkas Photo: Courtesy of Cedrus Group

Cedrus Group (Cedrus) is a private Swiss financial group with integrated investment banking and investment capabilities. In addition to offering Private Wealth Management, Investment Management and Investment Banking Services, Cedrus, through its group companies, invests directly and globally in businesses and projects by leveraging its specific expertise in life sciences, natural resources, nanotech and innovative technologies. The group is comprised of over 28 privately held and publicly listed companies. Cedrus' Greater China Region headquarters are in Beijing, with European headquarters in Zurich and further offices strategically positioned across the globe. 

Founded in 2001, Cedrus has a long history of conducting business in the Greater China Region and it has plans to invest over 1 billion yuan ($143.7 million) in Chinese healthcare and innovative technology companies, focusing on areas such as drug development, nanotechnology equipment and oncology.

Rani Jarkas, chairman of ­Cedrus, explained that the firm's understanding of Chinese culture, government policies, and also the energy of its people, gave him the confidence to capitalize on the opportunities offered in the healthcare and innovative technologies sectors and deploy substantial capital to enable their growth. 

Jarkas stated, "We believe that the Chinese government's policies will be highly effective in ensuring the country's socioeconomic objectives are met," adding that he believes China's bright prospects are empowered by the hardworking nature and ingenuity of the Chinese people.

Regarding Cedrus' strengths vis-a-vis other private investment banks, Jarkas said that Cedrus has demonstrated to its clients and partners that the rules under which they operate will be characterized by efficiency, loyalty and trustworthiness.

"We value long-term relationships," said the chairman. 

"This trust given to us globally by our clients and partners truly sets us apart, while our performance speaks for itself."

In their latest Financial Advisory Services materials, Cedrus explains that the firm has established deep-rooted relationships and partnerships across members of ­China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), in addition to having a local presence in fast-growing markets of strategic importance to BRI. 

"I've been a firm believer in the BRI since its inception and I think the vision proposed by Chinese government for the BRI is amazing. It will bring immense prosperity for BRI countries around the world," said Jarkas. 

"I've been traveling to a lot of BRI countries, and I know what Chinese investors are doing there and the great benefits their efforts are yielding. 

"It is something that really needs to be commended and we are delighted to participate in BRI investments and support the initiative."

A fundamental principle of Cedrus is that clients are advised by experts who know the culture, speak the language and can leverage their unique networks, Jarkas explained that the company supports and complies with the local rules and regulations, which means that "we not only respect the culture but want to be a part of the culture." 

"For example, in China, we are hiring a lot of Chinese people locally. We want to be counted as a local firm," he added.

In March, Cedrus signed an investment advisory agreement with Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group (Xiuzheng), a major Chinese pharmaceutical company. The signing of this agreement marks the latest progress made by Cedrus in implementing its healthcare investment strategy in the Greater China Region. 

"Our cooperation with Cedrus is based on our judgment and understanding of the industry over the past few years. Xiuzheng had never been involved in the financial field before, and we found that our two companies can be complementary in our business after learning about Cedrus' philosophy and their views on the Chinese market," said Xiu Yuan, CEO of Xiuzheng.

"Cedrus is an excellent international financial group and I think we can learn a lot of new things in the global market through our cooperation." 

Founded in 1955, Xiuzheng at present has 130 subsidiaries with over 100,000 employees and over 2,000 pharmaceutical and health product varieties.

"China's development in healthcare and innovative technologies over the past years has been very impressive and encouraging. As a private enterprise mainly manufacturing patented traditional Chinese medicine, it is our responsibility to adapt in response to trends," he said. 

"In recent years, we have been constantly carrying out R&D and innovation of patented traditional Chinese medicine, including the adjustment of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions."