Culture Beat: Young duo’s ‘Seek’
Published: May 23, 2023 11:24 PM
A visitor explores the exhibition. Photo: Courtesy of the Song Art Museum

A visitor explores the exhibition. Photo: Courtesy of the Song Art Museum

Young duo's 'Seek'

The exhibition Mi, or Seek, is currently being held at the Song Art Museum in northeastern Beijing's Shunyi district. 

Featuring 24 works from two young Chinese artists, Wei Zongyao and Wei Jin, the exhibition guides visitors into the artistic space they have created. 

The artists explore and uncover the traces of nature, and transform the symbols inside these natural landscapes into artworks. They evoke emotions that are born of chaos and return to tranquility.

Wei Zongyao's continuous painting exploration shows his thoughts and perception of life and independent individual experience. His works present complicated emotional expression of the chaos and order, anxiety and romance of life. His creations often have rich brushstrokes and textures, using lines, pigment stacking and multiple polishing methods to present the confrontation between the organic and inorganic, bringing a unique tension to his works.

Wei Jin tries to explore the relationship between material, texture and life. His creative inspiration comes from the traces of all organic organisms in nature, including meticulous observation of plants and reptiles, combined with his own fanaticism for symbolic metaphors. 

These works have constructed a magical field. A series of secret symbolic patterns are repeatedly placed in Wei Jin's works as clues to guide the viewer to pick up those memories and fantasies that are lost in the process of life.

This exhibition will run until June 16.

Spectacular opera show

A spectacular Sichuan Opera show awaits visitors and opera fans at the Meihua Opera House in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province. 

From Tuesday to June 30, visitors can enjoy a variety of performances that showcase the rich and diverse culture of Sichuan.

From the amazing feats of face-changing, fire-spitting, rolling lamps and puppetry to the water sleeve dance and shadow plays, one can experience the authentic atmosphere of a local opera house, while sipping tea and mingling with other opera fans. 

The backstage will be open to spectators so they can explore the secrets of the actors behind the performances, and view this ­spectacular intangible cultural ­heritage from a brand-new perspective.