Culture Beat: ‘Purple Planet’ at Trou Blanc gallery
Published: May 21, 2023 10:40 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Trou Blanc gallery

Photo: Courtesy of Trou Blanc gallery

Chinese artist Cao Yawei recently revealed her first solo exhibition Purple Planet at the Trou Blanc gallery in Beijing. 

The exhibition revolves around keywords including "growth," "treasure hunter," "medals" and "constellations," and covers works from sculptures, installations and immersive virtual reality works.

Cao fuses technology and art by applying digital technology and innovative media, breaking through traditional art boundaries.

The core of the exhibition lies in a utopian spiritual world created by Cao, a fantasy universe full of beauty and imagination. 

The artist incorporates natural objects such as crystal ore and wood into her works, while using purple as a keynote. 

For her, the color purple is diverse and changeable, which conveys a warm and dreamy feeling, and brings a sense of authority and mystery.

Cao built a virtual world which connects people and nature, said curator Zhang Xiaoming.

The experience of Cao shows the infinite possibilities of innovation and integration of multiple fields. Her experience tells the audience that art and business are not mutually exclusive fields, but can blend and promote each other. And this kind of integration is inevitable in the era when humans and AI coexist in the future.