Culture Beat: 'Mama Mia' on air
Published: May 17, 2023 12:22 AM
Promotional material for Mama Mia Season 8 
Photo: Courtesy of Dragon TV

Promotional material for Mama Mia Season 8 Photo: Courtesy of Dragon TV

'Mama Mia' on air

Debuting on April 15, Chinese ­variety show Mama Mia Season 8 is a show that gathers mothers from different jobs and ages, to present another side of the role of women in society. 

In the most recent episode released on Saturday on Dragon TV, the show invited five women to share their stories, including a fashion icon, a PhD and a military wife.

In addition, this episode also saw four fashionable grandmas take to the catwalk in costumes from classic movies. 

The four elderly women shared their stories, noting that they once had low self-esteem due to their extremely tall height.

The fashion grandmas allow audiences to see the wonderful possibilities of retirement life, while also reminding young people to care more about and support their parents, and to give their mothers guidance and help to break the shackles of traditional concepts to welcome a new life.

'Urban People in Nature'
Photo: Courtesy of Wang Zhigang

Photo: Courtesy of Chen Zhou

Chinese artist Chen Zhou unveiled his latest solo exhibition on Saturday in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province. 

This exhibition is not only a summary of Chen's creations over the years, but also the first ­concentrated display of the artist's works since graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a PhD.

After he graduated 20 years ago, Chen held a solo exhibition titled Urban People in Nature, in which he displayed the process of urbanization. 

The current exhibition though shows Chen's concern with self-reflection and seeking the true spirit of art in his works. 

The solo exhibition this time shows more than 30 artworks Chen has made over the past 15 years, including oil paintings, videos and installations.