Acrobatic show for diplomatic envoys held in Beijing with theme of ‘Another Youth’
Published: May 25, 2023 09:23 PM

A wonderful acrobatic show performed by Hunan Acrobatic Art Theatre Photo: Hou Xiangjun/Global Times

A wonderful acrobatic show performed by Hunan Acrobatic Art Theatre Photo: Hou Xiangjun/Global Times

A special acrobatic show themed Another Youth for diplomatic envoys in China was held in Beijing on Wednesday. Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong attended the event and delivered a speech. A total of 13 ambassadors in China from Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Switzerland and more than 700 diplomats and children from more than 90 embassies (agencies) in China attended.

Sun said that Chinese acrobatic art has a history of more than 3,000 years, which originated from the everyday life of the people, and has been inherited and developed in the process of learning from the excellent traditional culture of China, forming a unique art form with great Chinese cultural heritage and national style. 

"Chinese acrobatic art contains the wisdom and character of the Chinese people, seeking stability in the midst of danger, showing a calm mind and high-level skill and the spirit of pursuing excellence through thrilling and calm and tough movements. Behind this is the diligent study and painstaking research of the artists' day after day, year after year. I hope that performance will let everyone feel the charm of acrobatic arts and feel the upward vibrancy and tolerance and openness, and the beauty of the night of cultural exchange," said Sun. He also sent early wishes for Children's Day to the children on site.

During the event, the Children Chorus of Poly We Do Music performed a song named Dressing Up The Blue Earth, which is an environmentally-themed song followed by an especially a wonderful acrobatic show Another Youth performed by the Hunan Acrobatic Art Theatre, which captivated audiences who enthusiastically applauded and took photos to capture moments of the stunning performance. 

"It was a quite beautiful and outstanding performance, they have worked so hard for several years for a great show and my wife and I, even my daughter enjoyed it so much. And this was a great experience for diplomatic envoys," a representative from the Embassy of Mexico in China told the Global Times on Wednesday.
The ambassadors in China thanked the Chinese Foreign Ministry for organizing the special acrobatic performance for the mission, and applauded the artists' wonderful performance many times, saying that the performance was innovative and creative, from which they fully felt the magnificent characteristics of Chinese acrobatic culture and the upward trend of Chinese youth in the new era, and looked forward to more opportunities to experience the charm of Chinese culture in the future. 

The event was co-hosted by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and China Acrobats Association.