China urges G7 members to put ‘not decoupling’ rhetoric into practice: MOFCOM
Published: May 26, 2023 12:25 AM
Shu Jueting

Shu Jueting

China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) urged the Group of Seven (G7) to put what was agreed on into practice and not decouple from China, and it highlighted that China is bringing cooperation and opportunity to the world, instead of confrontation and risk.

Shu Jueting, spokesperson of the MOFCOM, made the remark during a regular press conference held on Thursday when asked to comment on the G7 summit communiqué, which stressed "de-risking" rather than "decoupling" from China.

"We hope the G7 members will implement their saying that they will not seek 'decoupling' from China into practice, Shu said, adding that the G7 cannot say that it is not seeking "decoupling" while abusing trade and investment restrictions to suppress and contain China's development.

Shu said that China has always acted responsibly to inject certainty into a world in turmoil and provide new momentum for global economic growth. 

As an important role in stabilizing global industrial and supply chains, China is willing to continue to be a reliable trading partner pursuing mutual benefits and win-win for all countries, as well as expanding high-level opening-up, and benefiting the world with China's own high-quality development, said Shu. 

In a G7 communiqué released last week, the "rich countries' club" used some "conciliatory statements," such as claiming that their policy direction is "not to harm China" and "not to decouple," expressing the hope to "establish constructive and stable relations with China," and mentioning that the one-China principle has not changed.

Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on May 19 that decoupling is unrealistic for today's world, which does not need so-called "de-risking" that targets China. What the world truly needs to get rid of is ideology-based thinking, opposing blocs and exclusive circles.

Shu echoed Wang's remark at the press conference that what China brings to the world is cooperation and opportunities instead of confrontation and risks. "If 'decoupling' from China is conducted in the name of 'de-risking' from China, it is a move to bar cooperation and opportunities," she said. 

Shu said all countries should stand together to resist unilateralism, protectionism, bullying and economic coercion, and oppose decoupling, in order to secure the stable operation of global industry and supply chains, jointly boosting the world's economic recovery and development. 

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