Culture Beat: JINGPHOTO art expo to kick off in June
Published: May 30, 2023 10:17 PM
Promotional material for the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Enjoy Art Museum

Promotional material for the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Enjoy Art Museum

JINGPHOTO art expo to kick off in June

Beijing's photo art expo, JINGPHOTO, is scheduled to take place in the 798 Art Zone in June, with nearly 50 exhibitors and hundreds of artists participating. 

The photo art expo, which will run from June 22 to 25, will showcase important works from renowned photographers such as Huang Xiaoliang, Zhang Zuo, Ye Wenlong, Luo Dan and Tang Yi at the Enjoy Art Museum in the art zone. 

The first art fair focusing on contemporary images in Beijing, JINGPHOTO covers four sections: Gallery Unit, Special Invitational Exhibition Unit, Forum Unit and Publishing Unit. 

At the Special Invitational Exhibition Unit, curator Feng Xi will present the latest art creations from over 10 galleries, art institutions and nine specially invited artists for visitors to enjoy. 

The Publishing Unit will focus on video art from publishers at home and abroad, displaying the latest works, paper books and limited edition art collections.

With support of an academic advisory committee and the Archives of Contemporary Art in China, the art expo will cover topics ranging from the practice of art to collecting and education, exploring infinite possibilities and futures. 

Peter Rabbit's timeless adventure at UCCA Lab 

An exhibition featuring the famous Peter Rabbit is currently on display at the UCCA Lab in Beijing's 798 Art Zone, marking the beginning of the cute rabbit's tour through China. 

Beatrix Potter's beloved children's books, including The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends series, originated from a compassionate letter the author wrote to the convalescing son of a friend. 

Since the publication of The Tale of Peter Rabbit in 1902, the character has become a beloved figure worldwide and has cemented its place in the history of children's literature. 

The exhibition showcases ­Potter's enchanting illustrations of the countryside, the whimsical world of Peter Rabbit, and the author's fascinating life. The immersive experience is divided into five sections - Where the Story Begins, A Great Adventure, A Fierce Battle, Tell Me Another Story, and A Beautiful Legacy -taking visitors on a journey through the classic stories of the Peter Rabbit series. Join Peter and his friends on their adventures through sandbanks, meadows, hills, forests and farms.  

The exhibition will run until September 5.